How to Plan Your Climbing Trip

There is perhaps no other place quite so alluring as the stunning mountains of Nepal. These are not just tall; they are truly breathtaking, having a beauty of their own. That is why thousands of people from around the world visit Nepal to travel on its many trekking trails. The beauty of Nepal enthralls you and you cannot wait to get off the plane and explore this glorious country.

We have provided a number of walks that are not exactly straight razzles between high peaks, but are still impressive and worthy of your time. This is not a list of the highest mountains we may head to, but rather a selection of fabulous mountain Cinderella which you may need to scramble over or may simply want to walk along. Some of these mountains are worth a visit alone and you may well find a vacationer you think is great for a week or two.

Mountain Everest

Mountain Everest may be the most famous among travelers and mountaineers. It is a mountain that can be seen from space and that can also be seen from distances across the globe. Mountain Everest is the most famous among travelers because it is the place where both climbers and hikers plan to climb to reach the summit. If you are planning to climb to the summit of Mount Everest, we recommend you see our Mount Everest Climbing Tips and Tricks. We have articles on How to Plan Your Mount Everest Climbing Trip and How to Assemble Your Mount for Mountain Climbing with the Family.

Ladakh Range

This is a desert region located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is very cold most of the year and has been left relatively untouched by human progress. Ladakh Range, consisting of more than 60 mountain peaks, is often referred to as the Indian Alps. Our Mountaineering Camp in Ladakh also offers several other services including Himalayan train tours, which have you and your family accompanied by a trained guide, food and lodging at Panamik Village, and a specialist natural health tour.

Eastern Himalayas

The Eastern Himalayas or the Himalayan Range extending to Eastern Siberia is another unexplored region. It is believed to contain the dormant volcano of the world, there are approximately 45 mountain peaks in this range, attracting climbers of all levels. The most notable of these is K2, the highest peak in the world; the Indian Himalayan Railway that offers a fantastic view of the Trans Himalayan and a tramper that will even take you up 30 meters or higher to the mountain tops.

Pangong Tso

The world’s highest mountain is outside Tibet, Pangong Tso, located at an altitude of over 8, nearly 40 meters, also known as the Siberian Crane Return Trip, which offers a fascinating wildlife tour and a unique climbing and hiking experience. The best time to visit is in late summer.


We hope that this article has been able to point you in the right direction with information to assist you in choosing a good trekking vacation. Explore the Himalayas is a frequent choice of destinations because it offers a variety of everything you could ever dream of. The choice is yours.

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